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Slabbaby is in “Motion”

Down south rapper ‘Slabbaby’ steps into his own on a new track titled ‘Motion’ set to release sometime next month. The Atlanta trend setter has been making waves under new management and announces his single with a fresh image to compliment it. While many local fans anticipate the drop, Slabbaby gives listeners more to bite on with a visual representing the song title in a flurry of crafty angles with fluorescent neon lighting. The creative imagery solidifies the artist’s ability to captivate an audience. As he teases the track on social media, his post captions spell out glimpses of the story behind the rapper who claims his hometown neighborhood of Quentin, Georgia. His transparency of a rough upbringing and survival attitude project a level of confidence recognized in the A list celebrities of today. Such characteristics make Slabbaby appealing to audiences of many backgrounds; young to old or new school to old school. Relatability is the underlying factor easily making the entertainer a fan-favorite.

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