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Omni clutch previews new music the name of the upcoming song is called ‘astounding’

Our discovery of the day is from far one of the most creative of the month. He goes by the name of Omni clutch, and at a very young age, he already has a unique artistic touch.

His talent for experimenting and innovating beyond a specific genre proves that Omni Clutch deserves a well-deserved place among the most creative artist of his generation. 

Now accumulating hundreds of thousands of views online from only previewing unreleased records on his upcoming project, fans are now eagerly awaiting his release.

Musically, the song stands out to us a lot compared to other recent releases, as it is giving energy between acoustic pop, and rib-tinted melodies. It sends us straight into a cloud of healing sensations. Omni Clutch’s voice is appealing, flawless, it will get you addicted.

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