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Our addiction of the day: “Quick” by Bayside ROD Feat. Pretty Girl Shay

Yes, many hip-hop artists tend to sound the same, especially lately. It’s rare to find an artist who knows how to stand out, but our discovery of the day proves that creativity still exists.

Today the-further introduces Bayside ROD, who will make our whole month. We had the chance to discover him thanks to his popular track “Quick” Feat. Pretty Girl Shay is a hip-hop banger.

With its hard-hitting rap-infused production and a bouncy flow that instantly grab your attention ‘Quick’ is addictive from start to finish. The lyrical content is appealing, which is a rare thing in the actual game. 

Bayside ROD is a solid rapper who clearly has some rhyming experience under his belt. He goes hard while maintaining a sentimental realism that many performers lack. The beat is crisp, while the chime-like synths create an almost heavenly, ethereal ambiance. 

Let’s go:

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