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Get To Know: Alex Genadinik

Alex Genadinik is a singer-songwriter based in NYC where he plays his music at local bars and venues. His music often has meaningful and rich lyrics that touch on our shared humanity. In his main work, Alex is a top 1% online instructor in the fields of business, marketing, and personal development. He is also a large course licenser helping businesses create their own Elearning platforms. 

Genadinik has many songs with metaphors The oldest song with a great metaphor is a famous classical piece, Beethoven’s 5th Symphony with it’s widely recognized 4-note motif of DA-DA-DA-DA which is the metaphor of your life urgently knocking on your door and asking what you are doing with your life.

He reaches out to his audience by producing relatable songs like “The One Who Didn’t,” which was inspired by Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony. In this song, the common human experience is how we all fear falling short of our aspirations, and the lyrics clearly convey this attitude.

Genadinik is aslo known for writing optimistic songs, such as “Blue Trolley.” The central theme is how strangers can unite on a late-night train travel home, even if they don’t speak to each other.

Also Many creative treasures can be found among the many songs he has written and translated about support. A touching translation from a classic 20th century Russian song, the “Road Song” so touchingly conveys how it feels to have a lack of support that it makes the listener long to have the support, creating a pretty melancholy aura.




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