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Musically speaking, 2021 has been the gift that keeps on giving to me.That streak continues with the new discovery Hellstrvck. He has explored genres, especially rap which he grew up loving, but has chosen to dive deeper into the sound that has already shown so much promise. His latest single, “Interwine” produced by Blu Velvet encapsulates his emotion and a lot of what has shaped the journey he’s on today. If there’s one thing you can’t deny about this track, it’s the energy it exudes. With such spot-on lyricism and the catchy smooth instrumentals to go along, the ear he has for music like this will surely take him to the top. Previous fans know and new fans will soon find out why Hellstrvck will soon be a very talked-about name in the near future. Until then, I am personally waiting for his unreleased song called, “Damage” you can check the snippet on his Instagram. Hellstrvck continues to provide impactful messages for his listeners. To keep up with his latest updates and releases, be sure to follow him via the Instagram link below and listen to ‘Interwine’ below:

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