We are ending our day on a perfect note thanks to this new album Barely Trev has dropped his album “RUMTLOVE”. With all the hype from his fans and the team surrounding the release, we can immediately confirm it was well worth the wait. 

Barely’s a 12-track project provided more of a hard-hitting lyrical vibe, while songs beautifully showcased his vocal and melodic ability.

Even though Barely outshined most expectations with this drop, it is impossible to leave out the production team behind it. The production giants did their thing per usual, blending all the modern and unique sounds of today into cohesive anthems.

 It’s quite clear that with this team behind him and his limitless potential, Barely Trev has 2021 wrapped around his finger. Don’t be surprised to see him charting on Billboard sooner rather than later. 

To keep up with his latest news and updates be sure to follow him via the social media icons and stream “RUMTLOVE” below:

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