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Esports Mentor Berto Boligan Confirms His Entry Into The Music Industry

Unlike normal people who work 9-5 for a living Berto Boligan, a self-made entrepreneur worked hard to achieve his goals and aims. He has several inspirations amongst which reading books inspired him to set up his own business. His success in entrepreneurship influenced several individuals. He encouraged people to set up themselves and work hard.

This mentorship allowed Berto to be known as a social media influencer as he achieved a vast number of followers on his social media accounts. Berto’s interest and always lending towards tech allowed Berto to own several successful companies. He always encouraged people to never let their relations come in between their work. Besides being a social media influencer Berto has been keen on Esports and passionate about gaming. He has been researching Esports for a long time now and his research and discovery of Esport globally have made him believe that Pakistan lacks recognition in Esports. Berto has explained how Pakistan has unrecognized talent in the sport. Hence, he aims to invest in Pakistan and wants to set up his Bootcamp which would ensure mentorship from Berto.

He assumes that Pakistanis lack mentorship and assets however he is enthusiastic about providing mentorship, assets, and guidance under his Bootcamp. This would additionally benefit Berto as a team under his mentorship would be presented internationally to compete. Besides providing mentorship for Esports Berto also aims to enter the hip-hop music industry.

Berto has been fond of music for a long time and now is all set to join the hip-hop music industry. Berto is willing to master and then provide mentorship in the hip-hop music industry so that individuals who are fond of music can pursue their dreams and join the industry.

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