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Viava is another exciting up-and-coming producer that fits in the electronic lane.

His latest offering Nighlife” is both energetic and captivating as the artist blends EDM with House music to create a banger that will make you dance all day.

We know the beat drop is coming. About one minute in, a hard and heavy Industrial groove takes shape. Ancillary percussion fills the periphery. Through the course of the track, the beat intensifies and then retreats into ethereal arpeggios and cinematic synths and strings. It is a dynamic groove with a bass that will shake your bones. 

It’s no secret that a beautiful song has the power to take you to a parallel universe, surrounded by good feelings. On a grey day in the week, when you need to set the tone, some artists are able to spread energy and positivity in your soul. “NIGHLIFE”, by Indian-based electro-funk Viava has this power for our greatest delight. 

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