Our journey of the month is full of hope in the music industry thanks to Ryan Bauer’s latest track where captivating sonorities and epic energy meet together to invite the audience into an extraordinary musical journey.

It is entitled “Argue”, the powerful opening, to the intense beats and lyrics, the track truly delivers a new artistic world and productions that strays from the norm between subtle instrumental elements.

The production quality is really something else. There’s just so much richness there. While the guitars drive the action and set the tone, Bauer is brimming with dynamic melodies and emotionally powerful lyrics. 

Professional musicianship is evident on every track by this artist. Though this music is incredibly polished and precise, it retains its soulful spirit, thanks to some genuinely organic performances. This is a vibe that just makes you want to chill, make your head bounce, and have a moment out of reality.

Listen now on Spotify:

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