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Flatlinerz is here to brighten up our hearts with his new song called ‘Darkside‘ featuring Seon.

What a pleasure we had when we discovered the hit Darkside” and Flatlinerz. The single is from far the freshest song of this week and above all a song that cheered us up. 

Flawless‘ from the marvelous, is the type of track that rips a wide hole in your speaker from all the realness, as it flows in with that extra determination that so many say they have, but struggle to even comprehend.

The vocals are so unique in this track and you are transported into a dark world that needs salvation so badly. Music heals all they say and this is a song that makes you think, makes you sad, and inspires at the same time. A rare gift indeed that if nurtured correctly, can only blossom into something beyond, what it was first intended for.

The world right now has been caught in a big messy bottle, with so many terrible leaders, a world that is closed off mostly and the mood is so somber. Being in love is so tough right now too and you feel like you are haunted, nothing is going the way you want it to go.

Definitely, the kind of music that you won’t find anywhere else. See by yourself:

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