Sinseerly Tay is a rapper coming straight from Saint Louis, MO,  with power and outstanding talent. This young artist, who has been rapping for a long time, introduces us to a new project: “HAVE YOU EVER?”.

Influenced by music from rap artists like; Lecrae, Da Truth, and Flame314, that significantly changed the game for him as he began writing his own raps and producing his songs as well. The motivation behind his work has always been to show that God can help in everything we have trouble with.

In this track, the rapper reflects on what he refers to as the pain and suffering one goes through  The production quality is very high-end for a hip-hop rap song, with excellent clarity and a clean, punchy mix. The backing beat is synth-driven and somewhat theatrical in nature. Overall, this is a solid, energetic, and worthy release.

Sinseerly Tay has a straightforward, rhythmic, and no-nonsense delivery style. He also low-key demonstrates an ability to switch speeds on a dime, hinting at his true power level at various moments throughout the song. 

This is one of his recent projects where he shows his amazing rap skill, which many seem to enjoy listening to. We hope to be able to hear much more from this artist, that with so little music he has left much to talk about. Dive right into it :

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