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We can start our day with a perfect note with Hellstrvck, an LA-based artist who blessed our ears and soul thanks to his latest offering: “Damage” featuring Paradise.

In an area where many artists tend to sound the same, Hellstrvck surprised us and gave us hope in the music again. “Damage” transported us into a futuristic world with ambient sonorities and subtle touches of melodic-bop and sound experimentation.

His voice on this latest track is phenomenal. He’s clearly a professional singer and knows what he is doing. Backed by a cutting-edge synth beat that’s brimming with melodic intensity.  We admire his haunting universe where the flawless production perfectly creates an appealing vibe throughout.

Hellstrvck’s talent shines through on this uplifting track and we can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us later this year. Stream ‘Damage’ via Spotify below and be sure to follow him on socials if you’re not already:

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