With the release of his latest song “SLOW DANCING“, it’s more than apparent that BOYCE is focused on pushing the boundaries of hip hop we know today. While some may quickly dismiss this experimental style of artistry, those with open minds and creative hearts will see his music for the gold that it is.

Musically, the tracks are intense and melodic, with driving beats and piano in much of the action. Meditative and ethereal, these recordings have a retro-futuristic quality. The mix has an industrial-like feel which balances nicely with Boyce’s passionate, dynamic vocals.

His performance is introspective, and the lyrics reflect intensely personal experiences. He can sing, so well. It’s incredible that an individual can put out so much material and have it be of such high caliber. This guy is genuinely talented and “Slow Dancing ”  is brimming with artistic substance.

BOYCE single-handedly produces, mixes, and writes his own music for a sound that is impossible to replicate. The unique appeal that his music has makes it so memorable that I find myself yelling some of the lyrics and ad-libs as he does throughout my day. If I had only one choice of who to bet on in the underground it would be this guy right here, BOYCE.

Listen to it now on Spotify :

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