Today, we fell in love with “MEMORY JUICES”, by  CEPTEMBA and BROMPTON. And we could not stop listening to it.

The beats (and I listened to quite a few of them) produced by  BROMPTON are of label quality and suitable for professional recording projects. Nothing, cheap or “homebrew.”  You don’t have to go mining the depths of some obscure, buggy database to find these jams. Many of the beats are hip hop oriented, catering to a plethora of moods and sub-genres, but there is also some pop and trap adjacent instrumental backings as well. 

It has more of an epic feel to it, with an almost, dramatic musical backing. The song takes somewhat urgent pacing, which correlates with the tone and subject matter. Ceptemba vocal skills come through like always as he demonstrates his usual combined rapping/singing adeptness. He also shows an uncanny ability to deliver material with class and in a unifying, elevating way. All in all the duo nailed the composition.

He doesn’t sound like anybody else, and he makes you addicted to his sound. You are going to dance without realizing it. Press play right now:

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