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The Inspiration Behind ZINGA’s Music: A Blend of Western and Eastern Cultures

ZINGA, also known as Shayan Ali, is a musician who seamlessly blends different styles, including pop, Latin, dance, and rock, into a cohesive story. ZINGA takes pride in allowing his creativity to flow freely through his songs and is inspired by a variety of artists, including Sixx AM, Breaking Benjamin, Sia, Enrique I, and 3 Doors Down.

However, ZINGA’s unique perspective and style also comes from his experiences in both Western and Eastern cultures. Born into a musical family in Bangladesh, ZINGA grew up in the spotlight and traveled with his father’s band, performing on national television at age 6. He later moved to the United States to study engineering, but couldn’t deny his passion for music and decided to follow his heart by bringing his father’s music to the global stage in 2018.

The name ZINGA is derived from the Spanish word “Zingaro,” meaning gypsy, which reflects the nomadic and free-spirited nature of his music-making process. ZINGA’s music often features a strong melody layered with complex accompaniment, producing an eclectic blend that celebrates diversity and culture.

In his music, ZINGA reflects on his experiences in both Western and Eastern cultures, weaving a unique story that resonates with listeners around the world. This well-roundedness helps ZINGA explore the creative process and craft music wherever his heart takes him, while also connecting with others through storytelling and accessing the soul’s deepest emotions.


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