1.Tell us about your new song? And what’s the story behind it?

My new release “Night Fever” is written with the incredible talented Larakay from Amsterdam, a girl that is 100% going places. Cute little lady that always have a positve vibe and a big smile waiting. i would say she is more then a vocalist on my whatsapp now. More like a very good friend and im super thankfull for that. I found her while looking for a new vocalist on fiverr and soundbetter. Lucky for me we instantly found that chemistry we both was looking for. Our first track together “Distracted” also was my first track that i got on the radio. 

I have fallen a bit in love with duets, might be my thing? so i also hooked up with “Skrilla” a rapper From Miami in the US, super laidback and talented guy im aiming to do more tracks with.  

the story behind it: 
Im not sure if there is a story to be told here, i first started to write the instrumental one night, and i was thinking to look for some new vocals, but i heard it had larakay potential. had the same vibe as distracted that we released last year. so without bothering my brain about it i sendt it to Larakay. and offcourse just 3-4 hours later.. I got the raw topline. and she nailed it (as always). 
I wanted something “late summer” lyrics. beach, bonfire, friends, club. laidback chill. and honestly the vocalists did an amazing job pulling it off. 

2.What makes my music unique? 

I would say, mix of genres. and all the storys are from my life figure of speech. On a crapy day, sad chords show up, happy day, “lost in you” appered. rainy grey day and pissed off, i wrote ” Sold my Soul” with Ashtøn Chase from Canada. other then that, it`s basicly just honest and true music. I would describe my music as an open book that have just reached the first page. figuring out the rest of the story takes time.

3.Which is the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of? 

I would say listening to my song “Distracted” with Zachary staines and Larakay on Norwegian radio Nrk Mp3, hearing it just after Charlie Puth, Avicii and  calvin harris was a bit strange. And also seeing my 6 year old kid singing all the lyrics. As deadmau5 said in Masterclass, “if you can impact just one person with your music, it`s pretty much worth it” that have sticked with me. And offcourse when the vocalists i work with love the end result, that is pretty cool. And dont forget, getting all these connections and very good friends in the end. 

4.How do you balance your music with other obligations – family, friends or work?

When im not making music, I work offshore, as a sailor. so im at work 30 days, and home 30 days (rotation). lucky for me there is very good internet connection on some of these new ships.  Since Im also singel now, i have my son part time when im home from work. so i need to balance time with him, so my hobby have to come second in line. so, the moment  his mom pick him up for a few days, im always behind my monitors producing new ideas 5 minutes later. lucky for me she is the perfect “ex” that have helped me out in many ways, if i need a day to finish a project, she is not hard to ask. But other then that,  there is no balance at this time at all tbh. 

I have some really good friends that convinces me to get out from the house sometimes, jump in the jacuzzi and have some beers and think about other stuff, but i can wake up on the floor next to the guitar and piano on a sunday morning with 3-4 new ideas looping on the daw.  so the music have become almost like an obsession.  

5.What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

As long as it`s written from your head and heart, it will sound good. If you feel it, it`s the right way. 

6.If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

I would say, thank you for listening to my tracks, it means the world to me.

7.What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?

Im actually working on my first album, that i hope to have ready for the next summer. june/july 2022. so i hope corona is way gone from the surface of the planet so maybe i could get the chanse to do something live, that would be cool, and f scary at the same time. but im in no hurry and want it to sound as good as can be before even thinking about dropping it. 

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