We discovered Young Habibi a few months ago thanks to “Solo To The End”, a beautiful addiction. The rapper is back for our greatest delight with “Right From Wrong”.

“Right From Wrong ” is a new track that we discovered by Young Habibi and certainly one of the most interesting we have heard for a while, we could imagine us walking alone in the forest in the middle of the night, trying to escape from our sadness and pain. 

This is what we like: music that makes us feel something. This is a rare thing and we are happy to have found that with Young Habibi. 

The only thing preventing this song from hitting the mainstream is that it just hasn’t been seen by the right person yet it has 320k streams on Spotify and has been featured on Promoting Sounds Channel.

What’s amazing is how much musical variety there is in just this one track. It’s like you’re getting 5 songs for the price of one, though it all meshes together rather fluidly. Young Habibi has an impressive voice

“Right From Wrong ” is a song that you need to experience:

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