In an era where Hip-hop and music, in general, creates clones, we were totally thrilled to discover this single “Gas Out” is the kind of artist who is able to send you in the future while remaining authentic and real to music. 

Nicky Cortez is special and believes us, he will soon be among the biggest stars, just remember what we say.

Nicky Cortez has dropped his latest single “Gas Out”  which is an outstanding jewel. It is another successful track between soul, hip-hop, and chill beats, but offering an incomparable and unique recipe.

Kicking off with an insanely infectious melody infusing Rap and Hip-Hop and combining them together to create this upbeat track as the beat pushes through and the pace gets quicker. Having that steady flow between the rhythm and the vocals as the Rap comes in quick.

Overall this song is a decent release with good songwriting and capable performance. The artist gets bonus points for making the backing music in a futuristic way, which not only enhances the sound but lends the track an authentic personality.

Stream it now:

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