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Mellstroy Banned From Kick Streaming After The Pitch Invasion During The Champions League

Kick streamer Mellstroy is allegedly behind the pitch invasion during the Champions League final on June 1, 2024, between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid at Wembley Stadium. Reports claim that Mellstroy, a 25-year-old streamer with over 470,000 followers, offered a prize of $350,000 to the first fan to invade the pitch, although it’s unclear if he plans to honor this offer.

The game was disrupted just 30 seconds in when multiple individuals stormed the field, one of whom had ‘Mellstroy’ and advertisements for his Kick Stream printed on their shirt. After a brief interruption, security removed the invaders, and the match resumed. The individuals involved were arrested, and a Wembley spokesperson condemned the incident, reminding spectators that entering the field is illegal.

In the aftermath, Mellstroy has been banned from the Kick platform, and his channel is currently inaccessible. It is uncertain whether this ban is temporary or permanent, as Mellstroy has not made any public statements since the incident.

This event is not an isolated case of streamers influencing such disruptions. Previously, a feud between CSGO Empire and CSGORoll led to a stage rush and the destruction of the trophy at the Copenhagen PGL Major in Counter-Strike 2.

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