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Meet passionate and famous music artists of 2022 CRWN Royel

The CRWN Royel  learned about music at a young age and discovered how beautiful it can be. Because he had his older brother Lonny as a mentor, his creativity blossomed amid the tumultuous environment in which he was raised.

Even though he wanted to stand out because his brother went to jail and was suspended from his institution, his mother’s eyes were constantly teary. His mother was a single mother raising her children and had recently left an abusive relationship with his father. He wanted to help his family in any way he could.

Coming to his musical career, his brother Lonny introduced him to Rap, Hip Hop, and different genres which induced a sense of musicality in him. The young artist was raised in Cleveland, Ohio, and began a small Hip Hop group with his childhood friends after a quick run-in with a member of Cleveland’s multi-platinum group Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony outside a recording studio.

Eventually, the artist strikes out on his own, leveraging his production, engineering, and writing skills to forge important connections in the city. This would lead to collaborations with well-known DJs and artists such as Future’s signee Doe Boy, Ray Cash, Machine Gun Kelly’s signee, and others.

Royel was beginning to acquire traction in the midwest region, with features in various coastal magazine publications, blogs, and local press, as well as bookings for small venues in NYC, Ohio, and Connecticut, clothing line sponsors and winning local radio contests.

Royel would use his concerts to spread his reputation throughout Georgia’s music industry, and he did so with tenacity and grit. The youthful performer would soon progress from small venues to opening for R&B artists like J Holiday and Atlanta veterans like D4L member Fabo, finally becoming a headliner in his own right.

Royel has grown as a performer and makes it a point to show it off whenever he takes the stage. ‘Schizophrenic’ and ‘Rotation’ are two of his most recent offerings. The former describes a heartbreak that turned into a monster, while the latter describes his encounter at an Atlanta strip club. CRWN Royel is now on tour and doing interviews to promote his EP and single.

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