Addict & Rewind, is our best discovery of the weekend, a true musical gift between music and sound experimentation  

Addict takes us on an engaging and appealing music journey on his fantastic single “Love, Hate”. featuring Rewind. We admire his haunting universe where the flawless production perfectly creates an appealing vibe throughout.

Addict is a new breed of independent music artist who believes music is made to teleport the listener into the unknown.

The production quality is solid, without detracting from the artistic cred of the performances. There are some pretty groovin’ rhythmic interludes, with elements of alternative pop and lofi . I don’t keep up as much with lofi music in the valley like I used to, but this is definitely one of the better up-and-coming addictive pieces. 

Press play right now, you won’t regret it:

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