Homiletix Collaborates With Legends On “Toast To My Haters”

Florida-based Recording Artist/Producer Homiletix is gearing up to release one of his best pieces of work this summer. He has been busy securing Billboard chart placements thanks to creating great music with a number of prominent names over the past few years, and he is ready to do even more to elevate his career. He makes progress with the new single, “Toast To My Haters”.

Toast To My Haters” is Homiletix’s new single that features frequent collaborator Roniel from their group Tribe Life Assassins, and British R&B Vocalist/Musician Carl McIntosh of the legendary group Loose Ends. The track acknowledges those who try to step in the way of the artists’ progression but leaves them on the wayside as their efforts to do damage are futile. The production featured on the track greatly compliments the superb contributions from the talents and is guaranteed to be an enjoyable listen. A promotional campaign will commence prior to the single’s release, and additional content to support it is said to be in the works.

Homiletix’s work has been featured on the Billboard-charting “Tropical Cruise To Jamaica”, “World Hip Hop Unleashed Vol. 2”, and “Smoke Chronicles” compilations. He has also worked with Hip Hop heavyweights K-Solo of the Hit Squad, Lord Jamar of Brand Nubian, Wu-Tang affiliate Solomon Childs, and Stone Paxton of Prodigee Records. He is also a member of the Tribe Life Assassins and Neighborhood Watch Worldwide, who have had various music releases over the years. Working with Carl McIntosh, who has been making music with Loose Ends since the late 1980s, was in the making for a number of years.

Collaborating with Carl McIntosh is a dream come true,” shared Homiletix. “I grew up listening to Loose Ends, and when it came to making this record, the group had a sound that fitted well with what I was doing. I could never get the sound out of my head, so I immediately jumped on board when the opportunity arrived to work with Carl. He’s one of my top 5 favorite Producers. Loose Ends’ “Look How Long” project carried me through my senior year of high school, and tracks like “Hanging On A String”, “Slow Down”, “Nights Of Pleasure”, and “Choose Me” among others helped to shape the way that I perceived and approached music even to this day. Like Loose Ends’, I’m making music that’s timeless.

Homiletix looks forward to great support for the single “Toast To My Haters” when it is released on July 4th on all digital music streaming platforms. To stay up to date with Homiletix, follow him on Instagram at @OfficialHomiletix.

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