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Our redaction loves to discover unique vibes, artists who put the music forward and bring new sounds to the table. Our discovery of the day goes by the name of I/O and he is on our list of the top 2021 creative artists.

The artist has recently dropped a new EP entitled “Overthinking”

I/O  delivers a unique and generous vocal performance from start to finish. Moreover, each of us can relate to the lyrical content, as it helps us find light and strengthen our emotions,

One of our favorite tracks is “Overthinking”, which gives insight into the rush of emotion that may hit someone in shock or playing off their feelings It is a powerful song that represents well the beautiful singer’s talent to spread his message and his creativity to the world.

Perfect vocal performance, melancholic production, beautiful melodies: his ep “Overthinking” is a project you will sing out loud and you will never be tired of it. 

From “Better” to “Piece Of Me“, I/O’s project takes you into a pleasant musical journey with high replay value.

Press play and discover our conversation with the artist below.

1.Tell us about your new song? And what’s the story behind it?

My New EP “Overthinking” was born over the last year and a half. The overall concept of the EP revolves around the notion of having negative thoughts stirring inside your head that just won’t go away. Each of these songs are from a personal place, but I believe that they are all largely relatable to many many people. Many of the songs from the EP were conceived the summer of quarantine at the peak of mass physical and emotional isolation. During this time, I personally dealt with a lot of anxious thoughts, and creative these songs were a great way for me to process everything.

2.What makes your music unique? And how would you describe it?

The thing that makes my music unique is the blending of genres that I’ve incorporated into my music. My music embodies alternative pop, but also pulls from raw instrumental, and R&B influences. It takes the classic pop sound, and infuses it with R&B style vocal runs and melodies.

3.Which is the best moment in your musical career that you’re most proud of?

As of now, my favorite moment in my musical career was sponsoring a houseshow and headlining it with two of my best friends (Kmo and Lucas James). Aside from that, my favorite moment was seeing the success of my crowdfunding project for this EP.

4.How do you balance your music with other obligations – family, friends or work?

I balance music and all other obligations like family, friends, work, and school by practicing routine time management and borderline religious to-do lists.

5.What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

To all aspiring musicians, I would tell them make a regular habit of practicing whenever they can–when taking a break from homework, while watching Netflix, while winding down for bed, etc. I would also tell them that pursing music is very hard work and takes substantial dedication with little initial payback. I would tell them to constantly remind themselves that the reason to pursue music is ultimately for the joy that it brings other people rather than just for personal satisfaction. Last but not least, I would advise them to avoid negatively comparing themselves with their peers and other artists that they look up to. Comparison robs joy, and that’s such an easy trap to fall into as a musician.

6.If you had one message to give to your fans, what would it be?

I make my music to connect with you and I sincerely hope that it helps bring you through whatever difficult times you’re going through just like music did for me throughout a lot of my life. I love you all a ton, and without anyone to share my music with, there’s almost no point

7.What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects?

There are a few things on the way. I’m working on my debut music video that will be coming out very soon. I’m also aiming to put out the full length Overthinking Album in the early summer of 2021. With the album and the music video, I’m going to put out my first rounds of merch T-shirts, sweaters, and posters, and I’m extremely excited about it! Be looking forward to singles from the album soon!

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Our redaction admires the talents behind the scene of the music industry. These persons in the shadow are the reason why we can listen to our favorite artists in the best conditions. We are talking about magicians like Tyler Pauleya young producer.

The artist who got into the world of music thanks to “Emotions” is not ready to slow down any time soon as his creativity is speaking more than anything  The perfect track for the coming sunny days and fresh air into the industry. 

Tyler Pauley, better known as “ProdbyPauley”, has the magic to deliver a real experience in the beats/music he produces. He explores a wide range of moods and feelings to deliver an outstanding artistic vision.Tyler Pauley has his place among the most creative producers who bring new vibes to the table. You should keep an eye on him and listen to his music right now.

The banger blends the perfect combination of instrumentation. An attractive and flawless artistic recipe.

Listen to it right now:

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Andrew Narvaez is one of the most energetic and exciting artists from New Jersey, United States. When you listen to his music, you are instantly caught up in pleasant and addictive sensations. His single “Facetime’ proves that he is on the right path to becoming huge.

“Facetime” is a huge hit with crossing over 20K streams, which blends in melodic chill vibes and a strong dose of energy reign. The guitars are infectious, the vocal performance catchy and electrifying with its epic pop feeling. We admire Narvaez’s melancholic touch, which brings a creative element all along with the song.

This track is in fact one of the most mellow and meditative hip hop releases I’ve ever heard. The subtle pacing of the ambient backing music and Andrew’s soft-spoken delivery make for an avant-garde aesthetic. This almost reminds me of advanced poetry reading or performance art narration, and his voice is hypnotic and pleasant to the ears.

The production is crystal clear and professional. There isn’t a bunch of autotune or unnecessary processing. The title proves to be appropriate, as the backing beat indeed has a dreamlike and ethereal quality, with its modest-paced rhythm reinforcing the correct mood of the track.

Listen and enjoy:

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Start of a new month: we were looking for the freshest track to celebrate the fall. And here we are amidst a pure magical musical journey. 

Today we have decided to give you a rare and memorable musical rap break. Indeed, when you are addicted to hip-hop, you tend to have very high expectations. Naits, which is our musical discovery of the day imposes itself effortlessly. Indeed, the artist who unveils his popular single “coffin girl” featuring fawlin, is a great surprise for us.

He demonstrates an ability to rap with impressive speed and timing. This is actually probably our favorite track in a long time now. With its emo-trap synth backing, vocal intensity, and action-oriented ambiance, it’s a very cutting-edge song.

Musically, the songs stir up feelings of sadness of losing near ones in life and not being able to see them anymore after they are gone. The beats have that healthy and vibrant springtime bounce and Naits’s passionate vocals are brimming with sweet sincerity. 

In addition to being a good rapper technically, he has a voice that’s naturally pleasant and captivating. The mix also makes excellent use of backup vocal layering, which fills out the sound nicely and adds harmonic richness.

Stream it now:

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