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You may be looking for new songs and new vibes that will make you have a good musical time. Well, thanks to our discovery of the day, you will have what you need. He goes by the name of Rarin.

“Switching Slides” by Rarin, is a lively and catchy rap song. Its simplistic approach is thrilling. Rarin is a young enterprising artist who is looking set to take the rap stage by storm. He is characterized by his fresh sounds and buoyant personality.

 Rarin is known for delivering hard-hitting lyrics that are conveyed with precision, over experimental, unconventional production that borrows different aspects from a wide gamut of genres and influences.


His unique voice in this song is something you will definitely love and would catch your attention at any time. In this rap song, Kick was true to his style and character. This song has the potential of being a fan favorite and would always receive positive reviews for the intricate lyrics, the musical instrument used, and his storytelling abilities.

It’s great to see Rarin going strong and making music. These latest releases demonstrate that this relentless and unstoppable artist continues to reach new artistic and performance milestones. 

Be sure and follow Rarin on Instagram if you’d like to keep up with his latest releases.

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