Our mission at the-further is to discover the emerging artists, the young creators who will make the future of music. Today we are more than glad about our discovery: HighJak, a young artist that shows that he has a well-deserved place among the artists who will make 2021 and more.

HighJak has recently released “Can’t Catch Me” an ambitious track unveiling catchy beats, pop, and voices from beautiful landscapes. This is exactly what we need to disconnect from reality and have a peaceful moment, filled with positive vibes and pleasant energy. The artist who has been making a name for himself is ready to reach higher levels. 

Though he’s a professional in terms of skill, the music has an organic and down-to-Earth quality. His performance comes across and very sincere, without any flashy gimmicks or smoke and mirrors. The mixes are brimming with rich melodies. Some of these jams have romantic and sentimental themes within their lively framework.

HighJak, also known for his singing with the best melodic ambiance with great language flow, he seems to be the type of artist that really gives a damn about creativity, and gives us a fresh sound. There is a rhythm in this song that really gets you, you might fall in love.

 So press play right now:

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