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For a long time, music producers have been largely misrepresented in the music industry.

This is despite them playing a very significant role in the music creation process. We are talking about producers like Jordan Knows At a very young age, the artist is ready to reach high levels in the game. 

His genre-blending beats mark the beginning of a new musical era. Heavy Hip-Hop, dark and furious elements, vanguard flow, this is a kind of new sound, a kind of energy that has never been heard before. 

Jordan Knows has his place among the most creative producers who bring new vibes to the table. And he is just 21 years old, just promising! You should keep an eye on him and listen to his music right now.

His latest release called “Ride For Me”, featuring Thekidzsn we admire above all is the ability for Jordan Knows to create a new musical world, an authentic artistic dimension, in an area where all artists tend to sound the same. He proves that he is among those who can bring new vibes to the table. 

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