Our mission today is to discover the unique sound that will make our whole week and month. If creativity is rarer and rarer, some artists have the talent to prove that it still exists.YVNG  POPE  delivers a dreamy and haunting vocal performance that makes you literally disconnect from reality.

The artist has just released a splendid track entitled “BALL” where rap and afrobeat team up to create a new musical journey. Pope flow is outstanding and unique, we have never heard of this kind of flow before, and this is why we expect a bright artistic career for him.

Perfect vocal performance revealing POPE’s huge talent, high-quality chill rap-infused production; this is the kind of track we were looking for for a while. 

Just listen to the way she hits those climactic high notes. This is a highly professional production and YVNG POPE  clearly means business.

Check it out now:

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